Buyer's Guide for Copier Consumables



What is a Fuser Unit?

The fuser unit or fuser assembly unit is an essential part of your copier that needs to be replaced from time to time. It usually is a removable unit with parts. As part of the final process of printing, the fuser unit's job is to bond the toner onto the paper, creating an image or text.

Components in a Fuser Unit


What is a Drum Unit?

The drum unit also known as Photoconductor Unit (PCU) or Imaging Unit (IU) consists mainly of the cylindrical OPC Drum that is electrically charged to attract toner particles. Some manufacturers have integrated the drum directly into the toner cartridge for easy maintenance. 

Components in a Drum Unit



What is a Developer?

The Developer is a mixture that consists of iron fragments with a negative charge that helps conduct static electricity and attract toner particles. The Developer Unit then passes the toner-coated iron fragments through the drum assembly that has a stronger negative charge with an electrostatic version of the image to be printed. The drum then attracts the toner from the Developer Unit before it goes back to pick up more Developer and toner in the toner hopper.


What is Toner Powder?

Toner powder is a mixture of carbon, fine plastic powder and colouring agent with which allows it to have a low melting point. This in turn allows the fuser to melt the toner powder and bond it to paper, effectively allowing the toner powder to serve as "ink" for the copier.

Toners vary in composition based on brands as manufacturers tend to make toner that is compatible for their own printers. Occasionally, some toner are packaged separately with the addition of a developer or a toner chip where necessary. 



What is a Toner Cartridge?

Toner cartridges are cylinder containers usually comprising of toner, a type of fine powder mixture made from plastic, carbon and colouring agent (Black, Magenta, Yellow Cyan), OPC Drum, Corona Wire and Cleaning Blade. The cartridge then sprays toner onto the electrically charged drum. A compatible toner chip is necessary for a toner cartridge to work.




What is a Toner Packet?

Toner packets are packets that contain toner powder with variations based on brand, weight and colour, In some cases, the toner packets are sold together with a toner chip. Toner packets are popular consumables in the practice of toner refilling, whereby the toner powder sold in the packets are then used to refill an empty toner cartridge with new toner powder. This enables the cartridge to be reused, reducing the cost of acquiring a new toner cartridge as well as lengthening the lifespan of a toner cartridge.

How to use a Toner packet?

Generally, refilling requires one to open a toner cartridge, refill it with toner and recap the opening that was used. Some cartridges are able to disassembled, others require a hole to be drilled or melted. 




What is a Toner Bottle?

A toner bottle is similar to the toner packet in that it consists of toner powder packaged in the form of a toner bottle. 



What is a Toner Chip?

Toner chip or toner cartridge chip is used to monitor and count the number droplets used as well as monitor toner powder information according to printer requirements. When the programmed number of droplets is fulfilled, the chip will communicate with the PC to tell you that your toner powder is running out. After refilling a cartridge, you have to reset or replace the chip in order to allow the printer to print. 



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